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Monday, December 29, 2008

Oak Island's Latest Plotters: The Freemasons!

Self-described "Oak Island Treasure Hunter" Keith Ranville believes he has discovered a Freemason connection to the tantalizingly frustrating Oak Island "Money Pit" complex. On his blog entry at something called the Oak Island Treasure Mystery Canadian Journal of New Research, "Oak Island Masonic Connection," he outlines an explanation for the island's stone triangle and the direction it points. Unfortunately, he gets the supposed Masonic ritual wrong. Ranville alleges that the story of Hiram Abiff has the Temple's architect entering Solomon's Temple complex from the North before being confronted by the ruffians.

But what's a little quibble like this when looking for treasure?

He goes on:

If you look at the oak island stone triangle, it points in the northern direction this would be the entrance of the triangle (temple). The line through the stone triangle would be the ruler (Jubela) south entrance. The west of the stone triangle is the square (Jubelo) west entrance. East of the stone triangle would be the the setting maul tool (Jubelum) east entrance and final direction. Further east of the oak island stone triangle, would be the burial of whomever was in center of the oak island stone triangle (Hiram Abiff or someone anointed as him). It only makes sense that you would bury a triangle figure' in a triangle plot, this would be the birch island triangle, found east of the oak island stone triangle (right angle to right angle). The place of the oak island stone triangle, found south of the money pit, was a place of ritual, most likely masonic. [Um, yes, most likely...] The oak island area may have been a area that many mystic people visited and performed there [sic] rituals and gave offerings. [Based on what?]

The oak island theory's get deeper as the treasure mystery deepens, these are exciting times for oak island. [I feel a tingle up my leg already.] I am not a freemason [Color me astonished.], but I find them mysteriously interesting, there [sic] basic symbols caught my attention' a long time ago. And I believe there [sic] secrets are encoded in the basic understanding of there [sic] symbolism. It is canny [huh?] that Hiram Abiff was killed by two directional tools, then by a blunt tool at the end of his demise, this probably explains the line through the oak island stone triangle and a right angle square, as a significant clue in solving the oak island mystery.

Did you get all that significance?

BTW, Ranville has a Paypal link, in case you wish to donate to further fund his new research. It seems the Oak Island Treasure hunting business hasn't quite paid off yet. But any day now...

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