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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shamrock Day? SHAMROCK DAY?!

The Waco Tribune is reporting that there is a move afoot to rebrand St. Patrick's Day with the culturally deranged moniker "Shamrock Day."

No lie. St. Patrick shoved down the Memory Hole. Of course, no mention that the Irish saint was reputed to use that non-offending shamrock as a visual aid for teaching pagans about the Holy Trinity.

According to the piece,

"Card shops have banners proclaiming the occasion; the Disney Channel is using the term; and some places in this country have changed the name of their community celebrations of Celtic heritage to the “nonoffending” terminology . . .

. . . the organizers of Shamrock Day celebrations, such as the Habitot Children’s Museum in California, cite the need for “cultural diversity to our audience without broaching religious boundaries.”

I need a beer.


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