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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Denver Airport Just Got Even Weirder. If that's possible.

Conspiracists have long suspected there is something sinister about the Denver airport. Maybe it's the swastica-shaped runways.

Or the miles of subterranean tunnels that could be hiding anything from captured UFOs to internment camps for political prisoners. Then there's the really overt weirdness, like secret messages embedded in the terrazzo floors, or the Masonic "control panel" in the main terminal announcing it as ground zero for the New World Orderâ„¢.

Or the downright creepy murals depicting women, children and doves being slaughtered by a bizarre soldier in a gas mask and wielding a scimitar.

And of course there is the 30 foot tall blue Satanic horse out front, with glowing eyes, whose artist died while sculpting it.

Now comes the latest in Denver's attempt to scare travelers witless. To mark the arrival of a traveling exhibit of the treasures of Egyptian King Tutankhamen, the airport has installed a 26-foot tall, 7-ton concrete statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the Dead.

Yeah. Good choice for travelers already spooked about getting on a plane.

Anubis is often shown in Egyptian illustrations attending to the mummies of the dead Pharaohs, or protecting their tombs. In the Book of the Dead, Anubis measures the heart to determine the worthiness of the deceased before they may enter the Underworld. If you believe the airport sits on a secret underground bunker, this takes on new and creepy symbolism that will undoubtedly make you consider connecting through Dallas/Ft. Worth instead.


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