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Friday, June 18, 2010

One Man's Secretive, Global Dominating Cabal Is Another Man's Fish Fry Club

On June 12, the RogueGovernment.coms website breathlessly reported that a prominent member of the We Are Change NYC activist group, a so-called "9/11 truther" organization that regularly peddles New World Order conspiracy theories in its materials, is in fact, a Freemason. Craig Fitzgerald (right) is seen here posing with his Scottish Rite 32° certificate.

In the video Truth To Power, created by Connor Boals and Evan Wexler, Brother Fitzgerald is seen admitting his Masonic membership ("a 32nd degree Mason, but not a Shriner"), and then goes on to denounce the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations for conducting their meetings in secret. This seeming contradiction is just too much for the folks at www.RogueGovernment.com.

The article calls it "a complete insult to the viewers intelligence." Not the "truther" movement, mind you, just the part about a Freemason being a prominent spokesman for it.

The article goes on to post photos of Brother Fitzgerald throwing up gang signs or holding his arms in a certain way, which they hilariously describe as "Masonic gestures." Cruising anti-Masonic websites, you'll frequently come across photos of men shaking hands, labeled hysterically as "secret masonic handshakes."

The nervous NWO conspiracists just aren't dealing well with a Mason being in their midst. Brother Fitzgerald may very well be a pillar of the community and a perfect gentleman—I've never met him. Unfortunately, some of his so-called "Truther" compatriots seem to regard his Masonic membership as a disqualifier for their trust.

Author Lee Rogers promises to keep digging for more information on Fitzgerald and the "significance of his admitted ties to the Masonic order." We await his findings breathlessly. No doubt they will be as well-reasoned as most of the claims of the "9/11 Truth movement."


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