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Saturday, June 27, 2009

India To Put Population Into Database

The Mail Online reports today that India will place all 1.1 billion of their citizens in a national identification database. This will be the second largest such personal database in the world, after China.

According to the article:

The government believes the scheme, which will be finalised over three years, will aid the delivery of vital social services to the poorest people who often lack sufficient identification papers.

It also sees the scheme as a way to tackle increasing amounts of identity fraud and theft and, at a time of increased concern over the threat of militant violence, to boost national security and help police and law officials.

Like Britain's £5billion ID cards plan, due to roll out in 2011/12, India's scheme is not without controversy.

Observers have raised questions including how the cards will actually improve the delivery of services and also concerns that the scheme could be disruptive.

In an interview in The Independent today associate fellow of the Asia programme at Chatham House, Charu Lata Hogg, said: 'It cannot be denied that the system of proving identity in India is complicated and confusing.

'But a system of national ID cards can technically introduce a new route to citizenship.

'This could be used as a security measure by the government which leaves migrant workers, refugees and other stateless people in India in limbo without access to public services, employment and basic welfare.'

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scientology Skewered By St. Petersburg Times

Scientology leader David Miscavige

On Sunday, the St. Petersburg Times began a three-part series detailing old and new allegations against the Church of Scientology, focussing on David Miscavige, the creepy heir to Scientology's founder, science-fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. What makes the article explosive is that several of Scientology's top officers have walked away and gone public with their stories. Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, the highest-ranking executives to leave the cult, are speaking out for the first time. Also speaking to the paper are Tom De Vocht who oversaw the church's spiritual headquarters in Clearwater for many years, and Amy Scobee, who helped create Scientology's celebrity network that specializes in setting up promotions involving the cult's high-visibility stars like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley and Kirstie Alley.

The article by Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin at long last fills in the gaps concerning some of the most notorious allegations made against Scirntology, because Rathbun and Rinder were at the top of the management chain of Sea Org, the inner circle that runs the massive international operation. They allege Miscavige's violent attacks against Scientology members and managers, and reveal the strategy used by Scientology to muscle the IRS into reinstating its tax exempt status after cult members, including Hubberd's wife, were convicted of breaking into IRS offices and stealing government documents.

None of their information is especially new. What is new is who is making the statements and allegations.

The article is massive. And there's more to come.

Scientology was created in the 1950s by California science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, as the “religious” extension of his self-help method Dianetics. The OT III level (“Operating Thetan”) is part of the Church of Scientology’s “Advanced Technology” teachings. For the first time in the many levels of costly church teachings, once members reach OT III, it is revealed that the universe is 4,000,000,000,000,000 years old (that’s four quadrillion). Astronomers believe it’s a little younger – between 10 and 20 billion, but who’s to say for sure? In the final analysis, the red meat of the advanced spirituality of OTIII is really a space opera.

L. Ron Hubbard said in 1967 that humans have an alien implant in their brains called the R-6 Implant, and that it was “calculated to kill” anyone who attempted to tinker with it. We’ll risk it. OTIII goes on to reveal that humans are inhabited by spiritual life forms known as Thetans, who were brought to Earth by Xenu, ruler of a Galactic Confederacy of 26 star systems. Xenu paralyzed billions of these beings and flew them to Earth (known in this saga by its earlier name, Teegeeack) aboard DC-8 aircraft powered by rocket engines, about 70,000,000 years ago.

Xenu, so the story goes, stacked these beings around volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs. Their souls were scattered around Teegeeack, er, Earth, and were absorbed into the bodies of living people. These “Body Thetans” continue to inhabit humans today, and cause illnesses, as well as mental and emotional instability. The higher levels of Scientology attempt to teach members how to eliminate the effects of the Thetans, or even drive these Thetans out of their bodies. (These descriptions come from former Church members and leaked documents – Scientology spokesmen say these accounts are taken out of context and are meant to ridicule the Church.) Because of the psychological basis of Scientology’s methods, the religion is adamant about its followers refusing psychiatric care from the mainstream medical community.

Depending on which source you read, it costs as low as $30,000 or as high as $360,000 to enter into the higher levels of the religion, and members are forbidden to discuss their progress or the materials they have studied, even with each other. Presumably, only after you’ve lost enough free will, common sense and cash are you ready for the awesome truth about Xenu and the Thetans. The Church regards its scriptures as copyrighted “trade secrets,” threatening prosecution and prison for anyone who dares to publish them – the only religion we’ve ever heard of to do so. If only Jesus had possessed the foresight to copyright the New Testament! The right attorneys could have sued the Protestants back to the Stone Age and avoided all of those Counter-Reformation headaches.

Okay, so what makes all of this a conspiracy? For 25 years, the Internal Revenue Service regarded Scientology’s various operations as a commercial enterprise, and not a church worthy of tax exempt status. So, in the 1970’s Scientology went on the attack against 136 government agencies, foreign embassies, and organizations critical of the church, in what they called Operation Snow White. Using as many as 5,000 church members as agents worldwide, Scientologists went on the warpath, especially against the IRS in order to destroy reports and records critical of the church, and to pressure the Feds into granting the church tax exempt status as a bone fide religion. Scientologists infiltrated the IRS and other agencies, and engaged in theft of government documents, wiretapping and conspiring to create smear campaigns against government employees. While Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard avoided prosecution as an “un-indicted co-conspirator,” his wife Mary Sue didn’t, and did hard jail time for following his orders. Eleven church officials were convicted in U.S. Federal court in 1979, and seven more in Canada in 1996.

So did it work? Well, in 1993 the IRS changed its mind and granted tax-exempt status to the Church of Scientology and its various connected entities, along with castigating foreign countries that didn’t follow suit.

You tell us.

The rest of the paper's special report can be found here:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inside the Mind of the Holocaust Museum Shooter

When conspiracists take their delusions to the ultimate level and act upon their fantasies, the objects of their obsessions often walk unknowingly right into their crosshairs. Such is the case of today's Holocaust Museum incident in Washington DC and the sick mind of 88-year old James W. von Brunn, who pulled his car up to the door of the museum, walked in with a rifle, and proceeded to start shooting. Dead is security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns. More would have been killed without the quick action of two other guards who shot von Brunn in the head.

Amazingly, the same madman walked into the Federal Reserve with a shotgun in 1983, determined to "arrest" the Jews who he was convinced control world banking. That incident landed him in federal prison for 6 1/2 years.

Von Brunn is a good, old-fashined race hater and Holocaust denier. The judge who sentenced him? A Jew. The jury who found him guilty? Jews and Negroes. In the mind of a messianic whack job who's convinced of his own conspiracy theories, no jury should have convicted him, because he was saving the white race.

While it's still online, take a peek into the mind of someone who sees conspiracies everywhere. His website is here, at holywesternempire.org It advertises his book, "Kill The Best Gentiles," descripbed as

A new, hard-hitting exposé of the JEW CONSPIRACY to destroy the White gene-pool by James W. von Brunn.

Here are 350pp of FACTS condensing libraries of information about the Talmud, Democracy, Marx, Genetics, Money, Aryans, Negroes, Khazars, The Holy Bible, Treason, Mass-media, Mendelism, Race, the “Holocaust” and a host of suppressed “bigoted” subjects, all supported by quotations from many of history’s greatest personages. Learn who is responsible for the millions of Aryan crosses covering the world’s battlefields. Why our sons and daughters died bravely but in vain. Learn why the “browning of America will alter everything in society from politics and education to industry, values and culture.” (TIME 4-9-90).

Learn who has committed treason - and must be brought to justice! This carefully documented treatise exposes the JEWS and explains what you must do to protect your White family...

In his bio, he describes himself: "During WWII he served as PT-Boat captain, Lt. USNR, receiving a Commendation and four battle stars. For twenty years he was an advertising executive and film-producer in New York City. He is a member of Mensa, the high-IQ society."

Proving that even a genius can be a certifiable madman.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pat Robertson's Own Secret Society

Evangelical icon and media mogul Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson has made millions of dollars over the years with his Christian Broadcasting Network, his many books, and even his own weight loss plan. His program, the 700 Club, presents a strong conservative Christian message twice a day to millions of fans around the world. Robertson was ordained as a Southern Baptist minister in the 1960s, but voluntarily dropped his credentials in 1987 when he ran, unsuccessfully, for the Republican Party presidential nomination. He is the founder of the Christian Coalition and his views heavily concentrate on eschatology. Robertson is especially interested in the important role he believes will be played by the Jews in Israel during the End of Days, and is a strong supporter of Israeli military policy. This is in sharp contrast to the majority of conspiracists who believe the Jews are a force for evil in the world.

What makes all of this interesting is that Robertson wrote a book in 1991 called The New World Order. In it, he dragged out the usual parade of Masonic/Illuminati/Jewish world government accusations, and “borrowed” extensively from discredited sources like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It was a curious set of accusations to make against a people he seems to regard as integral to the Christian Apocalypse. But what was more perplexing were his attacks against Freemasons, particularly since his own father, Senator Absalom Willis Robertson, was a Virginia Freemason. He was raised in Buena Vista Lodge No. 186, joined Rockbridge Royal Arch Chapter No. 44, and served as a District Deputy Grand Master (according to a letter the Senator personally wrote to the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction in 1941).

None of these pesky details kept The New World Order from being the #1 best selling religious book of 1991. Somewhat unbelievably, the Zionist Organization of America awarded him in 2002 as an unwavering friend of Israel.

Clearly they hadn’t read his book.

Robertson doesn’t have any quandaries about being a member of a secret society himself – the secretive Council for National Policy (CNP) is an invitation-only, closed door group that meets three times a year at undisclosed locations to discuss ways to influence U.S. government policy. In 2003, CNP executive director Steve Baldwin boasted to ABC News that "we control everything in the world."

Patterned after the more infamous Council on Foreign Relations and founded in 1981 by Left Behind author Tim Lahaye, its membership list is not available to the public. Providing the original funding for the group were Nelson Baker Hunt (billionaire son of billionaire oilman and John Birch Society promoter H.L. Hunt), businessman and one-time murder suspect T. Cullen Davis, and millionaire William Cies, all from Texas.

“The media should not know when or where we meet or who takes part in our programs, before or after a meeting,” reads one of the cardinal rules of the CNP, according to a long article on the website of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (not that I don't think THOSE guys go too far either).

On the one hand, liberals in the media seem to be shrieking "Yipe! A Christian!" over this group. On the other hand, guests may attend meetings only with the unanimous approval of the organization’s executive committee. Members are told not to refer to the group by name in e-mail messages. Anyone who breaks the rules can be expelled. Guest speakers almost never release the text of their speeches at CNP meetings. In fact, virtually everyone questioned in the aforementioned ABC piece refused to comment on the group, or even acknowledge its existence.

So what is Pat Robertson trying to hide?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Belizean Grove

Secret societies aren't just the realm of old boys anymore. An article on Politico today reveals that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a member of Belizean Grove, an elite and little-known women’s group.

From the article:

Founded nearly 10 years ago as the female answer to the Bohemian Grove — a secretive all-male club whose members have included former U.S. presidents and top business leaders — the Belizean Grove has about 125 members, including Army generals, Wall Street executives and former ambassadors.

Sotomayor’s membership in the New York-based group became public Thursday afternoon in a questionnaire submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Since then, the group has been deluged with press calls, said its founder, Susan Stautberg, who explained that “we like to be under the radar screen.”

The group — which on its website describes itself as “a constellation of influential women who are key decision makers in the profit, nonprofit and social sectors; who build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships in order to both take charge of their own destinies and help others to do the same” — hosts periodic meetings around New York, as well as an annual off-the-record three-day retreat in Central or South America at which its members attend cocktail parties with U.S. diplomats and host-country officials and participate in panel discussions on public policy and business affairs.

One wonders how closely the Belizeans ape their male counterparts—burning of a symbolic effigy of the outside world and its cares, non-stop drinking, public urination, drag shows, planning world domination...

Time will tell if this group is little more than a post-graduate college prank, a Gen-Y version of the Red Hat Society, or a good excuse for a warm weather winter junket to the Caribbean. Or if it really does become a ladies' version of the Bohemian Grove.